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vero Calluna corner sofa

vero Calluna corner sofa
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vero vero Calluna corner sofa

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Szczegóły produktu

vero Calluna

A corner sofa bed with a modern modular elements. This type of design allows the furniture to be well adapted to the interior, depending on the space, the expected shape and the functions needed. The selection of elements included in the furniture will allow you to create a sofa with a sleeping function and storage for bedding.

Comfortable sleeping on the entire Surface

In the Calluna model we use a more perfect RC sleeping function (dolphin type). It has the advantage over the one used in our other models that the frame structure is not reinforced with a central strip - this role is played by an arched metal profile. Thanks to this, the person sitting in the middle of the mattress will not feel discomfort. Additionally, the mattress itself now rests on wave springs.

Elegant details

The decorative finish of the upholstery distinguishes the set from others, emphasizes the craftsmanship taking into account the smallest detail. Black natural leather finish S2.


NOTE: one of the three small cushions is black (at the customer's request it can also be in purple color).

A wider selection of variants from the vero Calluna collection, i.e. modular elements allowing for any configuration of corners, can be found in the nearest showroom. Welcome!




Szczegóły produktu

vero Calluna

Seating comfort, backrest comfort

All modules used in the corner sofa have seats filled with HR foam - pleasantly soft, and at the same time adequately springy. And its backrests are lined with soft pillows with artificial feather (it is a synthetic nonwoven fabric that retains its properties for a long time). Each module seat is equipped with one backrest cushion, except for the corner element, which has two such cushions.

Extra pillows - more comfort

How to further increase the comfort of rest? It's really easy - we added additional ZX57 cushions to the seat of each corner module, and three square ZX57K cushions to the corner element. Additional cushions will reduce the depth of the seats to approx. 55 cm, and the backrest consisting of two cushions will provide the user with a great sense of comfort.

The comfort of resting in a corner will certainly be increased by additional roller headrests, the collar of which is placed between the backrest cushions.

vero Calluna
vero calluna

Water-repellent fabric

A corner designed for long-term use. The upholstery fabric used is produced in the "Water Repllent" technology, reduces water absorption - any spilled liquid (water, coffee, wine) forms in a drop and does not penetrate the fabric (dirt is easy to remove). The fabric has high abrasion resistance (color - purple).

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