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Vero Freesia corner sofa

vero Vero Freesia corner sofa

Relax in luxury!

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Vero Freesia corner sofa.


A corner sofa designed with contemporary indoor design styles in mind. Smart and modernist looks come hand in hand with high functionality: the Vero corner sofa, shown here in the trendy colour.

The leather upholstery in this furniture collection is hand-dyed with natural products, oils and waxes, and finished by polishing by hand. A unique collection in leather of superior quality. The modern lines of the vero Freesia makes this piece a perfect addition to your avant-garde indoor design.                                                                                                                                           The model may have a built-in mini-bar with an adjustable/revolving top (natural oak) with LED lighting (activated by a sensor located under the table top). The bar has an induction charger, lamp, 230V power module and USB ports.



Szczegóły produktu


Impeccable finish

The Vintage nubuck is made from quality cow hide with a slightly polished grain, resulting in the characteristics “pile” pattern. Touching and swiping the nubuck leaves a pattern which follows the direction of stroke. Combined with the natural leather defects, like scars and scratches, this visual feature provides a unique rustic look.


Relaxation function - independent lifting of the headrest with the possibility of adjusting the inclination, extension of the footrest - electrically controlled by two motors. The control panel is hidden between the seat and the side.


Unmatched comfort

The seats are based on polyurethane HR (High Resilience) foam, which gives you the feeling of perfect softness and elasticity, at the same time providing a longer life (resilience) of the seat.



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