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Grain leather only

Just touch it. The difference between Vero products and their competition is evident to the touch. Our furniture is fully covered with natural grain leather – not just on some parts. This high quality leather is soft to the touch and at the same time very durable. It has a beautiful, clearly visible texture.


The use of grain leather makes every part and every side of Vero furniture pieces look spectacular. There is no difference in colour shade between elastic and static parts. There are no folds or permanent creases on the sides or in the back. The grain leather cover is delicate and soft to the touch whilst also being very durable and resistant to scratches and abrasion damage.


Before you purchase any furniture, please ask the seller about the type of leather covering every part. Please try for yourselves and compare – the difference is truly great you will be able to feel it immediately.


What is grain leather?

In the tannery the natural leather undergoes a skiving process, which involves cutting the piece into two or more thinner sheets along the thickness of the original sheet. As a result of this process two types of leather are obtained:


grain leather – the external layer of natural leather, which is flexible and durable and
split – the bottom layer.


Without subjecting it to the skiving process it would be too thick to use in furniture in most cases.
It would be more suitable for example, for the production of saddles.


Grain leather is soft, naturally flexible and durable. It retains a beautiful, clearly visible texture
and a natural grain. Therefore, it is used for seats in furniture, backrests and other elements which flex and stretch during use.


The split does not have this natural flexibility and durability of grain leather. Nor does it have its beautiful appearance. It needs to undergo complicated processing, including the pressing of the grain. For this reason, the split is used for covering the static components of furniture (sides, back side of the backrests etc.) and less visible components.


At the same time the split is considerably less expensive – unfortunately it also has its downsides.
It is stiff and not very pleasant to the touch. The creases are almost impossible to smooth down. When viewed from up close the difference in colour between the two types of leather will be clearly visible.


Only natural grain leather is used in the Vero collection furniture!

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